Medical Laboratories

The laboratory is staffed by a team of competent medical technicians, including a microbiologist with a background of analytical procedures. Stringent internal quality control samples are tested and analytical process starts only when the daily quality control results are accepted.

The laboratory offers a complete, flexible and integrated portfolio of fully automated systems for hematology, biochemical and immunoassays .It covers a wide spectrum of specialized tests. Automated machines give you the assurance of greater accuracy and reproducibility of patient results . Our focus is to deliver a complete laboratory service offering the highest quality of patient care and service.


We provide a safe and effective pharmacy service for our patients. It is well stocked and provides all the drugs that are prescribed by the doctors in the clinics.

Our pharmacies are manned by experienced and qualified personals. The medications are dispensed by using bar-coding to ensure the safety of our patients

Laser Clinics

At Care n cure clinic, we have incorporated the latest and unique treatments for piles, fistula, and varicose vein using laser therapy. This innovative treatment ensures comfort, safety reliable results and lesser hospital time for the patient. 1470 Nm Laser Energy Used For Endovenous Laser Ablation Under Ultrasound Guidance

Varicose veins are swollen,twisted,painful superficial veins filled with abnormal Collection of Blood. Upto 20% Of The Population Suffer from varicose veins. Varicose leg ulcer present Upto 1% Of The varicose population.

Causes of Varicose

Causes of Varicose Vein Familial or after prolonged standing jobs, pregnency abdominal lump and thrombus in deep vein.

Vein Aching / throbbing leg pain, heaviness of legs, fatigue, itching, prominent veins over leg & thighs, spontaneous, bleeding, blackening of foot & lower leg, leg swelling, non-healing ulcers, skin thickening

Some advantages of laser treatment

• Minimum Discomfort

• 1 day stay only

• Early recovery

• Stitch less

• No cut on body

• Less infection risk

• Early resumption of work